Register of Deeds

NOTICE: Please be advised that Clinton County is attempting to limit the amount of traffic in the Courthouse Building. If your business matter can be conducted utilizing online services, we encourage you to do so. If you are unsure, please contact our office at (989) 224-5270 or email and we can help you make that determination. If your business will require you to appear in person, please limit the number of individuals to ONLY those necessary to accomplish the matter at hand. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome from Register of Deeds
It is a pleasure to serve as Clinton County Register of Deeds and County Clerk. My offices strive to provide all of our customers with accurate and efficient service. Should you have an opportunity to do business with either the Office of Register of Deeds or the County Clerk, I hope your experience is pleasant and that my staff is able to fulfill your needs.  Debra Sutherland was appointed as County Clerk/Register of Deeds in April of 2022, effective July of 2022, by the Circuit Judges.  Debra served as Chief Deputy Clerk/Register of Deeds for Diane Zuker from 1999 - 2022. 

Office Recognition
The Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors recognized the Deeds Office with the 2014 Register of Deeds Award.

Duties & Responsibilities
The Register of Deeds is responsible for maintaining the land records system – a critical economic infrastructure for Clinton County. Our goal is to maximize access, accuracy, and performance of our system to assure the efficient transaction of business in the county.


We provide other services to support the needs of residents including passport processing, notarial services, record copying, and basic property record searches.

For More Information
We are a source for businesses and residents who need assistance or want information related to general property transactions. Feel free to contact us with your questions, concerns or needs by email or by phone at 989-224-5270