Sheriff's Office

Important COVID-19 Announcement

We will be closing the lobby at the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office starting at 8am on Wednesday November 18th 2020 for a minimum of 3 weeks to do our part in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Below are the new processes for specific services.  

Money can be deposited into Inmate Accounts by visiting or calling 866-422-6833. 

Inmate Bonds can be paid by visiting or calling 866-422-6833.   Please call the Jail at 989-224-5201 if you have paid the bond using one of these two methods and they can provide you with additional information about the inmate being released. 

Sex Offender Registration will be done by appointment only.   Please call 989-224-5200 during the hours of 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Monday, Wednesday or Friday to schedule this.  

The drug drop off program in our lobby is suspended at this time.  

The Animal Control building will be closed to the public at this time.   If you need assistance please contact 911 in an emergency or 989-224-5116 and leave a message for non-emergencies.

As a Peace Officer, the Sheriff is charged with enforcing the laws enacted by the legislature and is the primary officer responsible for providing patrol and traffic services on County primary and secondary roads. The Sheriff is an Officer of the court with responsibility for execution of orders, judgments and civil process as well as maintenance of security for the court. The Sheriff is responsible for the establishment, maintenance and operation of the County Jail and ancillary services.

As an elected official, the Sheriff is directly responsible to the citizens of the County for the provisions of effective and acceptable law enforcement services, as well as the safe and effective operation of the jail. In the delivery of these services, the Sheriff works in cooperation with the County Board of Commissioners and other elected and County department heads, to provide these services in the most efficient, cost effective manner.
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