Copies & Searches

Obtaining Copies

The following methods may be used to obtain copies of land records:
  • Online access by selecting the Deeds Index Search. Online access allows you to search and print land records from your personal printer at  reduced rates.
  • First class mail, fax, or email by simply completing the Request for Documents Form (PDF) and mailing with payment to the Register of Deeds.
  • In person by visiting our office during normal business hours.

Copy Fees

Type Fee
Real Estate Record Copy (Per Page)
U.C.C. Record Copy (Per Page)
Plat Copy

Certification Fee

Type Fee
Fee for certification of any of the copies (to be eligible for certification, the document must be copied in its entirety)
$5 per Document

Search Fees

Type Fee
Searching the Real Estate Record (Per Name)
$0.50 per year ($5 minimum fee)
State Tax Lien Certificate (Per Name Searched)
Federal Tax Lien Search (Per Name Searched)
U.C.C.-11 Certificate (Per Name Searched)