1. Board of Commissioners

    Meet your Board of Commissioners, the governing legislative body for Clinton County.

  2. Committees & Commissions

    Find meeting times and locations for Clinton County committees and commissions.

  3. County Clerk's Office

    The County Clerk serves as the Clerk of the Court, Registrar of Vital Records, Jury Board, Gun Board, Board of Canvassers, Board of Commissioners, Apportionment Commission, County Election Commission, and the Plat Board.

  4. County Documents & Resources

    Learn about the County Incentive Program, access resolutions, and more.

  5. Drain Commissioner's Office

    The Drain Commissioner is responsible for compiling all accounting records of financial activities for county drains and for preparation and maintaining records of the establishment and operation of all county drains.

  6. Government Links

    Find links to villages, townships, and local agencies in Clinton County.

  7. Register of Deeds

    The Register of Deeds is responsible for maintaining the land records system.

  8. Treasurer's Office

    The County Treasurer is responsible for all receipts, disbursements, and investments of County funds.