1. Administration & Accounting

    Administration works with the Board of Commissioners to develop policies, approve the budget, and handle County Business. The Accounting Office maintains the County general ledger and processes vendor payments and other distributions through the Accounts Payable system.

  2. Animal Control

    The Animal Control Department's main responsibility is to enforce the Dog Law Act.

  3. Building Department

    Find forms, permits, checklists, and worksheets from the Building Department.

  4. Equalization Department

    In order for the Board of Commissioners to adopt annual equalized property values for Clinton County, the Equalization Department reviews the work of the local township and city assessors to insure there is equity in assessing county-wide.

  5. Human Resources

    Learn how to apply for open positions with Clinton County.

  6. Maintenance Department

    The Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining all County facilities, site improvements, and related equipment.

  7. MIS / Geographic Information (Maps)

    The Clinton County Management Information Systems (MIS) provides Clinton County employees with quality, cost-effective information services to assist County departments in fulfilling their responsibilities.

  8. MSU Extension Resources

    Access the Michigan State University Clinton Extension website.

  9. Parks & Green Space Commission

    The Green Space Commission was created in December 2000 by the Clinton County Board of Commissioners to serve as the PA 261 Parks and Recreation Commission for Clinton County.

  10. Planning & Zoning

    The Department of Community Development (Office of Planning and Zoning) is charged with the responsibility of implementing land use and development policies and the enforcement of land use and zoning ordinances for the unincorporated portions of Clinton County.

  11. Public Works

    The Department of Public Works is the County government agency that acquires, constructs, and finances public works projects.

  12. Waste Management

    Learn more about services available to Clinton County residents, find educational resources, and find laws and regulations regarding solid waste.