Circuit Court Filings


For details on filing pleadings for Circuit Court Family/Divorce, Civil or Criminal Records, click on the appropriate division under Circuit Court Filings located in the table of contents on the left side of this page. For more information, call the Circuit Court Clerk at 989-224-5257.

Court Forms

To view approved Michigan Court forms (except divorce forms), please visit the Michigan Court Forms website. For information on divorce forms, visit the Family/Divorce page.

Scheduling Hearings

To schedule a hearing before the Court, contact the appropriate Assignment Clerk, based on the Judge assigned to the case.

You can find additional information for the 29th Judicial Circuit Court and scheduling of hearings on the Circuit Court page.

Upon scheduling a hearing on a Circuit Court matter, a "Notice of Hearing" shall be filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court located in the County Clerks Office. The "Notice of Hearing" shall conform with the requirements for filing pleadings as outlined in the State Court Administrators Office Case File Management Standards. Additional details on filing pleadings can be found on the pages located on this web-site for Family/Divorce, Civil or Criminal records.


Judge Phone Number
Honorable Cori Barkman
Honorable Shannon Schlegel
Honorable Lisa Sullivan