Filing Fees

Current Fees

*An $80.00 FOC fee is collected at the time of filing, if applicable. **Plus Motion Fee, if applicable.
Type of Fee
New Case Filing Fee
Jury Demand Fee
Motion Fee
FOC Fee - Support
FOC Fee - Change of Custody/Parenting
Writs - Issuance Thereof
Subpoena - Issuance by Court
Appeals from District Court to Circuit Court
Appeals from Circuit Court to Court of Appeals

Copy Fees

  • Regular copies are $2 per page for the first 10 pages and $0.50 for each additional page.
  • Certified copies are $1 per page plus $10 to certify.

Fax Fees

Service Fee
Incoming Faxes      
$5.00 per page, including cover sheet, 25 page limit

Electronic Fees

Documents may be transmitted electronically upon request, however, fees must be received before the electronic data will be transmitted. Not all documents are available electronically.
Service Fee
Documents/Data by Email
$5 per document for up to 10 documents
Documents/Data on USB
$15 plus postage (if applicable)