What is the call volume?
• Central Dispatch processed over 122,000 requests for service
• 32,714 Emergency 9-1-1 calls were answered
• 67% of all 9-1-1 calls received were from a cellular device. Calls from a cellular phone takes longer to process due to no physical address
• The in-car law enforcement computers accessed 911 over 250,000 times for law enforcement information queries and over 200,000 times to receive messages on dispatched events
• Clinton County has a population of 75,382

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1. What are the responsibilities of Central Dispatch?
2. How is Central Dispatch funded?
3. Why a telephone surcharge?
4. How much more money will this cost me?
5. Why isn’t $2.25 enough to cover the expenses?
6. What is some of the technology used to ensure 9-1-1 callers receive the help they need?
7. What are some of the future Capital needs?
8. What is the call volume?
9. If approved by the Clinton County voters, when will the increase take effect?