How much more money will this cost me?
The current local surcharge for Clinton County residents is $2.25 per month, per device that is capable of reaching 9-1-1. We are asking for the surcharge to be increased to $2.75 per month, per device. The annual cost will increase from $27.00 per device to $33.00 per device.

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1. What are the responsibilities of Central Dispatch?
2. How is Central Dispatch funded?
3. Why a telephone surcharge?
4. How much more money will this cost me?
5. Why isn’t $2.25 enough to cover the expenses?
6. What is some of the technology used to ensure 9-1-1 callers receive the help they need?
7. What are some of the future Capital needs?
8. What is the call volume?
9. If approved by the Clinton County voters, when will the increase take effect?