Why a telephone surcharge?
• It is a fair and equitable way to share costs of maintaining the 9-1-1 operations by everyone within Clinton County.
• By law, the money collected via the 9-1-1 surcharge can only be used to fund the 9-1-1 Center for operations and equipment.
• The funds are used for the day to day operations, personnel, on-going maintenance and equipment replacement and upgrades.

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1. What are the responsibilities of Central Dispatch?
2. How is Central Dispatch funded?
3. Why a telephone surcharge?
4. How much more money will this cost me?
5. Why isn’t $2.25 enough to cover the expenses?
6. What is some of the technology used to ensure 9-1-1 callers receive the help they need?
7. What are some of the future Capital needs?
8. What is the call volume?
9. If approved by the Clinton County voters, when will the increase take effect?