Why is it so important to get my lawn in and landscaping done?
Soil Erosion is a major contributor to pollution in our waterways. Uncontrolled runoff during weather events, i.e., wind and rain, can move the soil off-site and into our lakes and streams. The dirt may move off-site through ditches, pipes or across the property and be deposited into a creek, stream, or wetland.

Sediment can clog pipes and leave streets a muddy mess. It can destroy natural areas, wetlands, creeks, and harm the plants and creatures living there. Residual sediment can damage habitat for insects and fish.

The State of Michigan (Part 91 of Public Act 451 of 1994) enacted legislation to address this problem. The Clinton County Building Department has the authority to enforce the Soil Erosion program for many Clinton County communities. The State of Michigan oversees all local programs and referrals, special concerns, and relation pollution incidents.

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1. Why is it so important to get my lawn in and landscaping done?
2. My builder took care of all the permits. What are my responsibilities?
3. How does the permit transfer happen?
4. What are my responsibilities after the transfer?
5. What if I do not maintain my controls?
6. How do I close the permit?
7. Are there any additional fees (renewals)?