Can a FOIA request be verbal?

No. Although the FOIA permits a public body to provide requested public records without receipt of a written request, the County requires that it be reduced to writing before processing it. ANY request in writing is considered FOIA. If there is a verbal request for information that is readily available on the website, you can direct them to the website at no charge and without the need for the request to be in writing. 

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1. Can a FOIA request be verbal?
2. Does our office need to send all FOIA requests to the County Administrator/FOIA Coordinator?
3. What if our office receives a request that appears to need information from more than just our office?
4. I've received a request for the information to be provided on a thumb drive/CD/Emailed instead of paper copies. Do I have to provide it on the media they have requested?
5. Can I request a down-payment before I grant the request?
6. It only took me 5 minutes to find and copy the requested information. Can I charge for those 5 minutes?
7. The County has fees for copying that were established by the Board of Commissioners. Can I charge those rates instead of the rates under FOIA?
8. If I double-sided copies, can I charge a copy fee for each side?
9. What do I do with the payment I receive for the FOIA request?
10. What does it mean "failure to charge the fee would result in unreasonably high costs to the county"?
11. I spent an hour looking for the requested records, but there is nothing matching the request. Can I charge the requesting party for my time searching?
12. How long do I need to keep copies of the request and response?