What if an employee is required to take more than 12 weeks off?
Under FMLA after 12 weeks has been taken in calendar year, the employer is not required to reinstate the employee.

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1. When can an employee take FMLA?
2. What is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
3. How do I know if I'm eligible for FMLA?
4. How much leave is an employee entitled to under FMLA?
5. The employee's doctor is requesting that she take time off before the birth of her child. Can the employee do this?
6. Will an employee be paid for hours protected under FMLA?
7. Can an employee take a few hours every week to take a family member to a medical appointment?
8. How is "family" defined under FMLA?
9. An employee's mother-in-law or sibling has serious medical conditions. Can the employee request protection under FMLA?
10. Does an employee need to prove that he or she or a family member has a serious health condition?
11. Will an employee who takes 12 weeks for his or her own personal medical condition be entitled to another 12 weeks to take care of a family member?
12. What if an employee is required to take more than 12 weeks off?
13. What will the health care provider be asked to include on the medical-certification form?
14. What will happen if an employee's doctor does not submit a completed medical-certification form?
15. Does an employee need to prove that they are eligible for a qualifying exengincy leave?
16. Will an employee have insurance while on leave?
17. Can my employer stop making insurance payments?
18. Will an employee have the same job when he or she returns from FMLA leave?
19. Will an employee's seniority be affected if he or she takes FMLA leave?