What is a drain assessment?
County drainage districts are separate public corporations with their own financial records. Each drainage district is supported by a Drain Special Assessment that covers the cost of maintaining the drainage system. County drains are not maintained by Clinton County general fund taxes. It becomes necessary to assess the properties and public corporations within the drainage district when the fund balance becomes insufficient to cover the costs of maintenance and improvements on the drain.

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1. What is a drainage district?
2. What is a drain assessment?
3. Where is the County drain for which I am being assessed?
4. How are assessments determined?
5. Do all property owners pay drain assessments?
6. Why did I receive more than one special assessment notice?
7. Is this the only way I would receive multiple drain assessments in 1 year?
8. What happens if I disagree with the proposed assessment for my property?
9. What is a Day of Review of Apportionments?
10. What if I cannot attend the Day of Review?
11. I recently purchased my property. Why am I being billed for work done prior to my ownership?
12. What is the difference between an apportionment and an assessment?