Jail Operations

The County Jail is operated by the Sheriff's Office. The mission of the Sheriff's Office in regard to the Jail is to provide for the effective and efficient operation of a secure and humane correctional facility.

Many inmates are County residents, yet a number of the inmates are boarders which are received from the federal, state, and other county governments, which offsets Clinton County's debt and operating cost of the jail. The jail, which was built in 1991, had a design rated capacity of 178 inmates, while the old jail held only 42 prisoners. Since the County was paying other counties to board prisoners and was continually overcrowded, the County Commission in 1990 decided to build a jail which would house additional Clinton County prisoners and allow for growth. A renovation and addition took place in 2004, which created a bigger kitchen area and allows for the housing of up to 220 individuals.

Jail Bookings
During 2013 the Jail booked in a total of 4,110 individuals. Of that number 3,617 were male and 493 were female. The County Jail provides inmate programs which include religion, substance abuse, anger management, recreation and parenting classes.

Inspection Compliance

For the 12th year in a row (2012) the County Jail has a 100% compliance inspection from both the Michigan Department of Corrections and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Zero Tolerance
It is the policy of the Office of Clinton County Sheriff to comply with the provisions set forth in the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA). Clinton County has established a "Zero Tolerance" policy for sexual misconduct for incidents involving inmate-on-inmate sexual violence AND staff sexual misconduct/harassment towards inmates, regardless of consensual status. Clinton County considers any form of sexual misconduct by staff an abuse of power. Staff will do our best to comply with providing immediate intervention and investigation for any suspected or alleged sexual contact, assault/abuse or harassment upon any inmate under the care and custody of the Clinton County Sheriff's Office.