Administration & Accounting

NOTICE:  Please be advised that Clinton County is attempting to limit the amount of traffic in the Courthouse building.  If your business matter can be conducted utilizing online services, we encourage you to do so.  If you are unsure, please contact our office at 989-224-5120 and we can help you make the determination.  If your business will require you to appear in person, please limit the number of individuals to ONLY those necessary to accomplish the matter at hand.  Thank you, Clinton County Administration Staff.


Administration works with the Board of Commissioners to develop policies, approve the budget, and handle County business.

The Administrative Services Department carries out many functions for the County, including developing and administering personnel policy, labor relations and collective bargaining, payroll, employee benefits, central purchasing, budget development and monitoring. Also included is the administration of the county's computer systems, review of contracts, negotiation of new contracts, organization of committee meetings, and taking of minutes of standing committees, and handling many other day to day business matters of the County. In addition the County Administrator is the County FOIA Officer.

Administration also prepares the monthly committee meeting calendar and committee meeting agendas.


The Accounting Office maintains the County general ledger and processes vendor payments and other distributions through the Accounts Payable system. Support and guidance is also provided to departments managing state and federal grants by reviewing and certifying grant financial reports.

The Office is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of financial reports and that accounting treatment for amounts carried in the general ledger is consistent with Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP) and State of Michigan guidance. The Office also reviews internal controls to see that they are effective and efficient and provides liaison with the County's external auditor.