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1. What is the CodeRED® Emergency Communication Network?
2. Does CodeRED® support TTY for the Hearing Impaired?
3. Can I receive a notification via text, email, VoIP or cellular telephone?
4. Does this mean the County will be calling me constantly?
5. Does Clinton County CodeRED® ECN already have my telephone number or do I need to sign up to receive Clinton County notifications?
6. Does Clinton County CodeRED® Emergency Communications Network replace the Reverse 9-1-1 system?
7. What is the purpose of the map on the right-hand side of the Self-Registration Portal screen?
8. My address is not plotted correctly on the map. How do I fix this?
9. Can I arrange to have CodeRED® call my place of business?
10. Is this service available to only Clinton County residents?
11. Will I be contacted for all emergencies in the County?
12. Is there an app for CodeRED®?