Court Forms


Effective July 1, 2021, the Probate Court will require the current State Court approved forms to be filed. This includes the filing of the new Personal Identifying Information form that is now required to accompany many of the state forms. Please use the links provided throughout the website that take you directly to the State Court Administrative Court Office (SCAO) to ensure you have the most recent form.

Failure to file the current version of a SCAO approved form may result in the court refusing your filing and delays in processing.

Forms are available on our website in a number of ways. Those options are detailed below.

The most recent versions of State approved Court Forms can be located through the Michigan Supreme Court website. Probate Court only accepts the most recent forms approved by the State Court Administrate Office (SCAO).

All SCAO approved forms can be located here:

Michigan Court Forms

To further assist, links are provided below that will take you SCAO approved forms organized by type of proceeding:

Index of SCAO Approved Forms for Use in Estates and Trusts   

Index of SCAO Approved Forms for Use in Conservatorship and Protected Individual Cases     

Index of SCAO Approved Forms for Use in Guardianship Cases

Index of SCAO Approved Forms for Use in Mental Health Proceedings

If you are unsure what form you need please navigate through our website to the proceeding type needed, click on it, scroll down and find the form number, with a description, which is a link directly to the SCAO approved form.