Minor Turning 18

When a minor turns 18 the following documents will be needed to finalize the Conservatorship with the court and have restricted funds and assets released through a court order. Assets in the Conservatorship cannot be released until all paperwork is filed correctly and the order is signed by the Probate Court Judge. If the minor is an individual who, as an adult, will continue to need a conservator or a guardian, please contact the court, prior to their 18th birthday.

$20.00 FILING FEE - due at the time final account is filed with court

PC648m - Minor Conservatorship - Final Account, Waiver and Consent - last reporting date through 18th birthday

PC669 - Proof of Restricted Account and Annual Verification of Funds on Deposit (Conservatorship of Minor)

PC564 - Proof of Service

Please note that Clinton County Probate Court is prohibited by law from giving legal advice on any of the above proceedings other than to answer your specific questions regarding filing requirements. You should consult with an attorney if you have specific legal questions regarding which method of administration to use given your specific circumstances. MCL 700.1211.