Minor Conservatorship

What you need to know before filing a petition to appoint a conservator. Please review the attached pamphlet PC667 which provides information on conservatorships and on their alternatives.


PC639 Petition for Appointment of Conservator/Protective Order – Instructions for completion are included

MC97 Personal Identifying Information will also need to be filed to complete the Application. This document is confidential and for court use only.

DHS-1929 Central Registry Clearance Request (one for each conservator)

Fiduciary Proof of Identity – Complete and provide a copy of driver’s license (one for each conservator)

PC562 Notice of Hearing – Court will provide

After Petition is filed – do the PC564 Proof of Service - For Petition and Notice of Hearing, stating you did serve all interested parties

PC563 Publication of Notice of Hearing & PC617 Declaration of Intent to Give Notice by Publication – Only needed if last known address of interested parties is unknown.

When the hearing date is set a Guardian Ad Litem will be appointed to visit the proposed ward, gather information about the proposed conservator, draft a report and make recommendations to the judge prior to the hearing.


PC571 Acceptance of Appointment – court will provide

MC97A Addendum to Personal Identifying Information is needed to complete the Acceptance of Appointment

Notice of Duties for Conservator of Minor – court will provide

PC645 Letters of Conservatorship - $12 for each certified copy

PC640 Order Regarding Appointment of Conservator of Minor and/or

PC644 Order Regarding Petition for Protective Order

DUE ANNUALLY DURING ADMINISTRATION* (as detailed in Notice of Duties for Conservatorship of Minor
There is a $20 filing fee for the annual account.

PC674E Inventory - due within 56 days of appointment as Conservator

PC583 Account of Fiduciary Short Form

PC669 Proof of Restricted Account

PC564 Proof of Service

Please note that Clinton County Probate Court is prohibited by law from giving legal advice on any of the above proceedings other than to answer your specific questions regarding filing requirements. You should consult with an attorney if you have specific legal questions regarding which method of administration to use given your specific circumstances. MCL 700.1211.  

*Clinton County does not send out reminders of upcoming due dates, or bills for fees.