The courthouse had been improved and modernized through the years. A $1,000 Seth Thomas clock in the tower rang in the New Year in 1905. In the spring of 1927, there was extensive remodeling done to the interior including the addition of fireproof vaults.

In August 1957, a general renovation costing $20,000 took place. The entire exterior was sandblasted.

Other alterations include a new entrance built in 1958 for $59,089; a west wing, built in 1965 at a cost of $165,765; and a matching east wing, constructed for $246,000 in 1966. The latter included a civil defense operating center in the basement, and part of that added cost was matched by federal funds.

January 1, 1969, the 65th Judicial District, 2nd Division, was established. For a time the west wing was occupied by the District Court. Supervisors moved into the east wing basement civil defense area.

Judges chambers had been added in 1958. As a Centennial celebration was being held in 1969, construction was being completed in the Circuit Court, removing rows of rear seating to make way for conference and office rooms.

In 1974 District Court moved to Whittemore Street (Business US-27) and the west wing was again used as the Board of Commissioners meeting room.
Courthouse in 1927
Courthouse 1966-1998