Supervised Administration

Supervised administration may be requested by checking the appropriate box on the PC559 Petition for Probate and/or Appointment of Personal Representative (Testate/Intestate). To complete the Petition form MC97 Personal Identifying Information will also need to be filed. This document is confidential and for court use only. [Note: the Petition and other papers are the same as those used when filing and unsupervised formal estate proceeding.] Supervised administration may also be requested at any time during unsupervised administration.

If supervised administration is granted, the personal representative (unless otherwise ordered by the court), will proceed with the same powers as a personal representative who is not supervised except that in supervised administration a personal representative may not make distributions without prior court order. There are numerous documents that must be filed with the Probate Court during supervised administration.

*Forms may or may not be needed depending on the facts.