1. Fee Calculator

    To estimate your inventory fee, use the Kalamazoo County's inventory fee calculator website.

  2. Filing Proceedings

    View information about proceedings for filing estate information with the Probate Court.

  3. Informal Proceedings

    Learn about different information proceeding options.

  4. Motor Vehicle Title Transfer

    If a decedent dies with no probate assets (i.e., owns nothing in their name alone) except for one or more motor vehicles whose total value is not more than $60,000, title to the vehicles can be transferred by the Secretary of State without opening an estate in the Probate Court.

  5. Petition & Order

    Please review the instructions for completing the petition and order for assignment.

  6. Supervised Administration

    Read about how to request supervised administration.

  7. Unsupervised Administration

    Learn about unsupervised administration and how to request it.