Non-Motorized Committee

About the Committee

The Non-Motorized Committee focuses its efforts on Goal 2 of the Clinton County Park Recreation and Open Space Plan. Goal 2 of the Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan encourages the identification, acquisition and when possible, the development and maintenance of a non-motorized trail system in the county.



Please send any comments or suggestions regarding the Non-Motorized Trails Map to Kyle Thornton by email.

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The following websites offer information and examples from other communities about non-motorized recreation and transportation opportunities.

Committee Meetings

The Non-Motorized Transportation Committee meets periodically on a "needs" basis. If you would like to be notified of upcoming meetings, please contact Committee Chair Natalie Elkins, 517-290-0687 or Parks and Green Space Coordinator Kyle Thornton, 989-224-5128 to be placed on a notification list. We will also post information on this website.