Reuse, Recycling, Composting & Disposal Services

Services Available in Clinton County
Clinton County residents have access to a variety of services to best manage just about any household generated waste item.
  1. Composting Services

    Provides information on how to compost at home, communities who offer organics collection to residents, as well as the Granger compost site in DeWitt Township where yard waste, plant debris, tree trimmings and related materials are accepted for a fee.

  2. Current Events

    The Clinton County Department of Waste Management coordinates a number of services to promote material reuse, and recycling or proper disposal of problem waste items.

  3. Recycling Services & Information

    Information on where to recycle in Clinton County. Recycling services are available for "every day" household packaging materials such as glass, metal, #1 and #2 plastics, newspaper, unwanted mail, magazines, etc. There are also drop-off sites and special events that accept hard to manage materials like batteries, cell phones, hazardous waste, bulky appliances and more.

  4. Trash Disposal Services

    Residents in Clinton County may have access to trash disposal services through their community, or they may subscribe for weekly service directly with a trash hauler. In addition residents may drop-off waste items at Granger's Landfill in Wacousta.