Medication Collection Events

The Department of Waste Management, in partnership with the Clinton County Sheriff's Office and local law enforcement agencies, offers a number of year round drop off collection sites to properly dispose of unwanted and expired medications (pills, tablets & capsules).

Medication Collection Sites

These services are offered to safeguard the environment, and also provide legal outlets for the disposal of substances regulated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Residents are encouraged to dispose of medications responsibly. Medications should never be disposed of by flushing or pouring items "down the drain". Most substances are not able to be filtered by water treatment plants. As a result they can end up in surface waters and negatively impact local ecosystems, and possibly affect human health. Landfill disposal has similar challenges. The preferred disposal alternative is through special incineration technologies, which destroy chemical compounds while preventing pollution to the environment.

These locations accept any unwanted/unused pills, tablets and capsules only, for free, year round, during regular business hours. Additional locations can be found at

  • Bath Charter Township Police Department (517) 641-6271
  • Clinton County Sheriff's Office (989) 224-5200
  • DeWitt Charter Township (517) 668-0270
  • City of St Johns Police Department (989) 224-6721
Please remember to black out or remove any personal information on the medication container but leave the drug name visible. For additional information on proper sharps (needle), patch, aerosol, or liquid medication disposal, please contact our office (989) 224-5186. 

Additional opportunities

Several pharmacies in the tri-county area accept medications year round, free of charge.  Always call the store before you make the trip and remember to black out or remove personal information but leave the drug name visible.