911 Presentation Topics

Mobile Data Computers (MDCs)
Presentation includes a live demonstration of a patrol car's computer and its functionality with Central Dispatch.

Suggested Time: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour

911 Operations Center Activity

Oral presentation covering Telecommunicators' activities which include the average number of calls per hour as well as annual information on the number of telephone calls received and made by your 911 Telecommunicators, complaint numbers per city/village and township as well as the number of responses for County Fire, Police and EMS.

Time permitting, an overview of operational procedures that includes discussion of how we ensure that each and every citizen's call is answered with the same high degree of professionalism no matter what time of day or day of the week the call is received; this is Q and A (Quality Assurance Review). What happens if we have to vacate the current Central Dispatch Center? Who Governs 911 Central Dispatch?

Suggested Time: 15 Minutes to 1.5 Hours

Cellular Telephone's 911 Calls

Oral presentation will explain the dangers of only having a Cellular telephone and not a landline telephone in your home, cellular phone signal coverage concerns, and Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Phase I and Phase II technological enhancements. Simply stated, this is what information is received by the Telecommunicators and what information is not. Also covered is the number and location of cellular towers within the County.

Suggested Time: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour

Kindergarten Level 911 Presentation (Ages 4-7)
The kindergarten level 911 presentation is geared to children 4 years old to 7 years old. This presentation is provided as a public service to Clinton County School or other license facilities in Clinton County.

Portable 911 training telephones are used to instruct students on how and when to call 911. Colorful pictures and an 18-minute video are also used in the presentation to keep students' attention and to clarify and reinforce the information. Students are given a 911 activity book and a practice telephone to take home. Upon request of the teacher, the appropriate ambulance service will be notified to participate in the presentation.

Suggested Time: 45 Minutes without Ambulance; 1 Hour and 15 Minutes with an Ambulance

Public Education on How & When to Use 911
With the aid of a special child's portable 911 phone, we can instruct children of all ages on how and when to dial 911. If requested we will coordinate and demonstrate with your local Fire/Rescue or EMS agency on how a Telecommunicator gives pre-arrival CPR over the telephone and the appropriate Medical First Responder (MFR) response.

Suggested Time: 15 Minutes to 1 Hour