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2022 Programs and Events

Dates for our 2022 special waste collections will be posted after the New Year.  These dates are subject to change or cancellation due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please utilize the Waste Wizard search tool for disposal options.

Appointments are required to attend some of our special waste collection events.  Please create an account on CivicRec here before registering for an event.

Mercury Health Thermometer Exchange - Free! 

The DWM will accept old mercury health thermometers year round at our office located at 100 E State Street, Suite 1500 in St. Johns (First Floor of County Courthouse). Residents are encouraged to transport their old mercury thermometers in a plastic Ziploc baggie. The DWM will exchange your old mercury health thermometer for a new digital thermometer. Limit one digital thermometer per person.

The DWM sponsors several drop off collection sites for household battery collection year round. Cell phones and inkjet cartridges can also be put into the same collection buckets. These buckets are sorted by hand, so please do not put plastic bags, plastic tubs, or other trash into our collection buckets.

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