Bail Bonds

Bail Bond Agencies Listing

Pursuant to statute, the Circuit Court annually creates an alphabetical list of bail bond agencies authorized to post bonds in Clinton and Gratiot County. A copy of the 2023 approved list is here 

Approved bail bonds


Becoming an Approved Bail Bond Agency

Bail bond agencies wanting to be considered for the Clinton and Gratiot County's bail bond list must submit a letter indicating the legal name, address, telephone number for the agency to be included. Each application must include the following information:


  • Alphabetized list of approved agents, including amount insured for
  •  A copy of the insurance companies Certificate of Authority from the State of Michigan
  •  A copy of the state-issued license for each agency
  •  Qualifying Power of Attorney for each agency, indicating Fidelity and Surety coverage
  •  A copy of the state-issued license for each agent
  •  A copy of valid driver's license for each agent

Send only ONE packet for the Circuit, we do not need two separate packets for Clinton and Gratiot Counties.

Mailing Applications

Mail application for both Clinton and Gratiot Counties to: 

Court Administrator

Bail Bonds

100 E State Street

Suite 4500

St. Johns, MI 48879


Please note all requests must be received no later than December 15 of each year to be included on the list for the following year. Late submissions or requests, missing information will not be accepted or included on bond list. Bonds list will be posted online and sent to the jails for posting in January.