Treasurer's Office

Duties & Responsibilities
The County Treasurer is responsible for all receipts, disbursements, and investments of County funds. The Treasurer's Office processes property tax settlements with 28 local units, collects delinquent property taxes from individuals, performs tax adjustments as instructed by the Michigan Tax Tribunal, the State Tax Commission and local Boards of Review, performs tax searches and histories and issues all dog licenses.

Online Payments
To submit an online payment for dog licenses, delinquent taxes, and other miscellaneous payments, please visit the Online Payments Page.

Mail-In Payments

Please mail all payments to:
Clinton County Treasurer
100 E State Street
Suite 2400
St. Johns, MI 48879-1571

Please note that the Clinton County Treasurer’s Office does not honor postmark date as the date of payment. To be considered timely, payments will need to be received in the office of the Clinton County Treasurer by 5 p.m.