Facility & Fleet Services

Facility & Fleet Services is responsible for maintaining all County facilities, site improvements, and related equipment. Our mission statement is to keep County facilities conducive for public service, clean and sanitary, all vital applications performing on uninterrupted service, and assure all facility users that their safety and welfare are protected.

We maintain an environment that allows County employees to provide excellent public service. Our staff uses a program of diligent preventative maintenance, along with competent management of County funds, to keep all County buildings in excellent condition. We are committed to modern technology and genuine service to County employees as we develop, construct, and manage County facilities.

In order to ensure efficient progress toward these goals, Facility & Fleet Services has developed an extensive preventative maintenance schedule for each building and each piece of equipment. All maintenance is performed on a preplanned schedule according to recommended specifications and time frames.

The Department's employees are efficient in many different trade skills, including, but not limited to, masonry, roofing, carpentry, painting, electrical, plumbing, boilers, furnaces, air conditioning, and general repairs.