County Public Works Commission

  • Meets as needed


  • Term: 3-year terms


The Board of Public Works shall be under the general control of the Clinton Board of Commissioners (BOC) and shall consist of 5, seven (7) or 9 members, as determined by the BOC, and such members shall be appointed or removed by the BOC, with confirmation of such appointment or removal by a majority of the BOC.

The Clinton County Drain Commissioner shall be appointed as a member of the Board of Public Works; provided, however, that the tenure of the office on the Board of Public Works is automatically terminated whenever he/she ceases to be the County Drain Commissioner.

Each member, other than the County Drain Commissioner, shall be appointed for a term of 3 years. The terms of the members shall be staggered such that the terms of only 2 members expire in any single year. Each term shall expire at noon on January 1 of the respective year and each member shall hold office thereafter until his/her successor is appointed and qualified.