Responsibilities After Transfer

What are my responsibilities after the transfer?
Some of the activities you will need to manage, depending on the slope and nature of your site, include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Install or maintain a temporary silt fence barrier or sod filter strip around your lot.
    • A silt fence is a black, woven plastic material with wooden stakes. The fence should be trenched 6 inches into the ground and will stop muddy runoff water and filter-out the soil. Using sod to filter (at least 25 feet wide) where runoff water leaves your property may be acceptable for your area. These controls need to remain in place until final vegetation is established. If removed for other work projects, they will need to be reinstalled at the end of each day.
  • Establish cover as quickly as possible.
    • If the timing, budget, or season is not appropriate for seeding or sod, you will need to install additional controls to prevent soil loss from your lot, such as mulch or other vegetative material.
  • Redirect your downspout so rain water runs away from the bare soil on your lot.
    • Use a flexible plastic pipe to direct water gently away from bare soil to avoid it washing away.
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