Silt Fence Installation

Proper Installation
  • Install before land is disturbed
  • Install on down slope side of site parallel to contour of the land
  • Stake posts on downhill side
  • Extended ends up slope enough to allow water to pond behind fence
  • Turn ends of fence uphill
  • Bury 8 inches of fabric in trench
  • Leave no gaps. Overlap sections of silt fence, or twist ends of silt fence together.
  • Inspect and repair once a week and after every rain. Remove sediment if deposits reach half the fence height
  • Maintain until a lawn is established
Common Mistakes & Problems
  • Not adhering to daily inspection/maintenance schedule
  • Fabric not tucked into trench
  • Posts on uphill side of fence
  • Silt fence used in areas of concentrated flow
  • Not repairing silt fence after it has been damaged or knocked down

View Silt Fence Diagram

Slit Fence Thumbnail