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No search fees apply when you do it yourself!  You only have to pay for copies that are downloaded or printed.  You can search current records, browse index data, and make copies on-line back to mid-1991. For earlier records you can come in to our physical office or contact us to request digital copies. Again, if you do the searching yourself there is no charge.  If our staff searches the fee is .50 per year for each search ($5 minimum) plus the cost of copies.  For assistance refer to the HELP section on the next page.  You may also refer to the “Instructions for Web Access to Land Records” link on the Register of Deeds main page or contact our office.

FRAUD PREVENTION AND MONITORING: Fraud Guard is a tool that helps protect you or your business from becoming the victim of property fraud. It also can simply alert you to any property, mortgage or real estate activity in Clinton County associated with a name(s) that you select. Once you register for the free service, you will receive an email notice whenever the name you are monitoring is on a document being recorded in this county. A few reasons some people are using fraud guard:  1) they are having financial issues (e.g., tax or foreclosure) related to property and want to be aware of any liens filed; 2) they are going through divorce and want to keep track of any property changes; 3) they have an elderly parent(s) and want to be aware of any major property changes; 4) they are starting a construction project and want to know if any construction liens are filed in the process.

To activate this service you first must REGISTER on the Register of Deeds On-line search system and log-in. You then may select the FRAUD GUARD option and register for the alerts.

We have recently expanded our web office to accept electronic submission and recording of documents. See the Register of Deeds main page or contact the office for further information and to learn how to eRecord.

If you have any questions, requests or concerns, please contact our office, rod@clinton-county.org or call (989)224-5270.

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