To apply for a State of Michigan marriage license, the application must be made in the County in which one of the applicants' resides. 

If both applicants live out of the State, then they must apply in the County in which the ceremony will be performed.

To make application in Clinton County, one of the applicants (either applicant may apply, whether or not you are the one that lives within the county) must bring the following to the Clinton County Clerk's office:
    1. Birth Certificates of both parties
    2. Social Security numbers of both parties
    3. $20.00 ($30.00 Out of State Residence) - Payment can be made by cash, check or money order payable to Clinton County Clerk.

There is a three day waiting period before the license can be released.


Apply:  Pick-up:

A waiver of the 3-days may be obtained on the showing of good cause to the County Clerk, for an additional $20.00. 

A Marriage License is valid for 30 days

Other Marriage Information:

Witnesses must be 18 yrs old (Effective 12/23/2006)


The Clinton County Clerk performs marriage ceremonies within the Courthouse facilities by appointment only.

  • 2 witnesses (18 years or older) are required
  • Fee $35.00
  • Contact the Clerk's Office in person or by phone to schedule an appointment (989)224-5146
  • If it is necessary for the County Clerk's Office to provide witnesses, an additional $15.00 fee will be charged.


Please be advised that the Clinton County Clerk’s office is governed by the State of Michigan laws on the issuance of marriage licenses. 
It is the responsibility of the couple being married to determine the legality of the officiant performing the ceremony.  To ensure full compliance with the law, you may want to seek the guidance of an attorney in interpreting the law regarding “Persons authorized to solemnize marriages”.

For information on who may officiate, please refer to:
Who may officiate marriage ceremonies?