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2015 Elections


MAY 5, 2015


Absent Voter Information

Applications for an Absent Voter Ballots may be obtained by contacting your County, City or Township Clerk or click the link provided to download and print an Application: Application for Absent Voter Ballot  PDF  Please return the completed application to your local clerk for issuance of the ballot.

2014 Elections


NOVEMBER 4, 2014


Precinct Report

Summary Report

Cumulative Clinton County School District Report
(Includes results from jurisdictions outside of Clinton County)

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AUGUST 5, 2014


Precinct Report

Summary Report

Republican Precinct Delegates Elected 
(revised list posted on 8/12/2014 at 2:00 p.m.)

Democratic Precinct Delegates Elected

Polling Location Information

Regularly scheduled Township,

School & Village Elections

  are held at the November General Election

 General Polling Location Information

Other Election Information

The Michigan Department of State Bureau of Elections website provides a variety of information relating to Election and Campaign Finance matters.  To access their web-site, click the link provided on the right.

The new
Michigan Voter Information Center website is now up and running! It provides residents with information regarding their voter registration status, upcoming elections, clerk information and how to use the voting equipment chosen by their county.

MVIC is designed to perform two types of voter searches:

  • By Name
  • By Drivers License Number

MVIC can also perform two types of clerk searches:

  • By voter address
  • By county

The information provided includes registration status and a map and address for the voter's polling location. The application also provides the name, address, phone number and email address of the voter's clerk.