General Information Regarding Circuit Court Civil Documents

To begin a Circuit Court case, you must file a Summons and Complaint along with the appropriate fees. Depending on the type of case being filed, other documents may also be required.

  • All court documents must have a case caption according to the State Court Administrator's Office Case File Management Standards.
    • It is recommended that paper size not exceed 8 1/2 wide x 11 inches long.
    • Documents shall contain case caption and file/case number, including year and case type suffix.
    • Print contained on pleading should be no smaller than 12-point type.
    • Pleadings must be legibly typewritten or printed in ink.
    • Documents shall be signed by party and/or attorney. If document is stipulated to, it must be signed by both parties and/or attorneys of record.
    • Filing fees are required to be paid at time of filing documents, unless waived or suspended by the Court.
    • The Clerk of the Court may reject papers that do not conform with the minimum filing requirements.
  • Original documents are filed with the County Clerk as Clerk of the Circuit/Family Court.
  • Extra copies for the Judge are not required, unless the court has specifically directed you to file an extra copy to provide to the Judge.

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