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County Announces Waterfowl Hunting Opportunity at Clinton Lakes County Park.

The objective for public hunting of waterfowl in Clinton Lakes County Park is to manage nuisance geese. While geese are a special focus of the hunting program, successful applicants may hunt any waterfowl species, subject only to current federal and state game laws. An equally important objective is to provide area residents with a recreational opportunity to responsibly harvest an abundant source of nutritious food.

A random drawing will be conducted on Friday, October 24 to select five (5) successful applicants for each of the four days in November when waterfowl hunting will be allowed. Successful applicants will be provided a Hunting Permit for their approved date. Each permit holder may be accompanied by up to two guest hunters, as further defined in the conditions page of the permit. Please call (989) 224-5128 with your questions and comments.


Shown below are the abundance of geese present at the Clinton Lakes County Park.  Photo taken 10/20/2014.
Geese at Clinton Lakes Park 10-20-14

About Motz County Park/Rules and Regulations

The park is open from 8:00 a.m. to dusk daily with free admission and is located at 4630 N. DeWitt Road, St. Johns.  (north of Saint Johns between Colony and French roads on DeWitt road).  Motz Park is completely handicap accessible.  The park was featured in an article in the Michigan Recreation and Parks Association Professional Quarterly Magazine.  Read the story.

Amenities include a sand beach and swimming area, beach house with 7 unisex restrooms, paved walkways and parking lot, picnic tables, grills, fishing pier and a covered pavilion.  A floating mobility chair is available upon request to a park ranger.

Clinton Parks Ordinance

The purpose of the Clinton Park Ordinance is to 1) establish rules and regulations for public lands and recreation facilities under the jurisdiction of the Clinton County Board of Commissioners and the Clinton County Parks and Green Space Commission (“Commission”), as permitted by MCL 46.364, as amended, and MCL 46.11, as amended, 2) establish that violations of such rules and regulations shall be misdemeanors or civil infractions, as provided for by MCL 46.364, as amended, and MCL 46.11, as amended, 3) provide penalties for the violation thereof, as provided for by MCL 46.364, and MCL 46.11, as amended, and 4) authorize the enforcement of said Ordinance by employees, designees, or agents of the Commission, Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, Michigan State Police and Michigan Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division.

Open Pavilion Reservation Form Clinton County Park Rules Ordinance (Amended 12-16-11)

Motz Park Pavilion Reservations

If you would like to use the 40 ft. x 70 ft. pavilion at the park for your family reunion or other get-together, we recommend that you make a reservation.  Reservations can be made for half (75 people) or the full pavilion (up to 200 people).  Please review the reservation form for fees and rules regarding pavilion rental.  To check availability, click the link below or call 989-224-5120 or email

Open Pavilion Reservation Form  Pavilion Reservation Form                               Open Pavilion Reservation FormCheck Availability

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There will be Park Rangers on duty daily when the park is open
There will be Park Rangers on duty daily when the park is open
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