Welcome to the Department of Waste Management!

Click on an image below for information about programs and services facilitated by the Department of Waste Management.  If you can't find what you are looking for please call 989-224-5186 or send an email to conserve@clinton-county.org.


Clinton County residents have access to a range of services to recycle, compost, reuse or properly dispose of any household generated waste item from "every day" materials to specialty waste streams.  


Access information about current happenings including special collection programs for recycling, single day distribution events and upcoming education programs.


Education programs are offered for free or low cost year round.  Diverse subjects are available for all ages, and a ten week summer program will be held from June thru August.



State, county and local governments pass laws and ordinances that provide guidance as to how residents can best manage solid waste, as well as reclaim valuable resources.