Breaker panel directory must be complete in detail and accuracy.

All electrical installation must be completed including all covers, plates and caps for safety from shock.

All light fixtures with bulbs; need to be installed for testing.


A Mechanical permit secured by a licensed contractor for propane gas must pass its final inspection.

Furnace, ductwork and register grills must be installed. Any fireplaces must be operable.


All plumbing fixtures must be installed and working.

Final septic and water approvals by the appropriate Health Dept.


Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing permit final inspection MUST be approved.

Site address installed per the 9-1-1 ordinances.

The grade away from the foundation shall fall a minimum of six (6) inches within the first (10) feet from the Foundation.

Required steps, handrails, guardrails and landings shall be installed.

All smoke detectors shall be operational.

Final building inspection approval and all re-inspection fees, if any, shall be paid.